Since 1991, Yurdakul Engineering has aimed to take part in projects which are landmark in national and international area as a member of team.

The company was founded in October of 1991 by Mehmet Sabri Yurdakul. Mehmet Sabri Yurdakul  aimed to improve his experience of 15 years in the field of project and construction with his new team. The team led by Mehmet Sabri Yurdakul completed institutionalization and standardization requirements rapidly and since its first years, they took part in important projects.

During the restructuring process in 2009, Mehmet Sabri Yurdakul transferred company manager duty to Ozgur Ulupinar who had been working at the company since 1992 and decided to continue his works as a founding consultant. With partnership of Kemal Ari who joined the team in 2004, Yurdakul Engineering proved its achievement in sharing its experience of 20 years to new generations and another important step was taken in the process of institutionalization.

Since the first years, the company has completed a lot of of exemplary hospitals, hotels, airports, shopping malls, office buildings, mix use and tall structures, state structures, educational structures and HPP projects. Yurdakul Engineering follows innovations consistently and produces international projects, has acquired expertise in TS (Turks Standards), EN-IEC (European Norms), NFPA (USA Standards), BS (British Standards) and SNIP (Russia Standards). A dinamic and well-established team which can act agilely in re-learning in accordance with requirements of project undertaken and in application what are learned has been created. Thanks to the domination of English and Russian languages of team members, accomplished works have came out with international teams (foreign architects and engineering groups).

As a reflection of developments in construction sector and global warming, the company has focused on the concept of sustainability in last five years. The specialization in energy saving, automation and renewable energy sources which is integrated with the design team and accordance with the principles of integrated design has actualized.

Yurdakul Engineering will be honored working in your team.

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